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When I started this blog, it was really for the wedding party and all that but I think that love runs deeper than that and that more and more people need to spread the word that marriage begins after the wedding date.

So I’m keeping this, to bore you from time to time with cute pictures of The Boyfriend and his wife (and maybe a kid in the nearest future) but also to keep it real with women (and maybe men) who are on the outside and want to see what the real deal is on the inside of a marriage.

I promise to be as real as I can get, to “stand in my truth” as I always say and I hope that you’re here for the long haul too, to witness timeless love reinvent always and forever…

Taken in February, 2015
Taken in February, 2015

Spoiler Lingo

lingo_imageWelcome to the beautiful world of FO & The Dragon (Sorry, Spoiler Lingo). Before you delve any further into posts, here are some terms you should get acquainted with:

“The Boyfriend” – This is what Femi will be called in posts from here onwards. Basically because saying husband makes me feel old.

“Spoiler” – In third person narratives, you may hear spoiler or FO, don’t fret, its the same meaning as The boyfriend

“FO” – If you need me to translate this, I really can’t help you.

“Chips or Ketchup” – One of us is Chips, the other is Ketchup, but I guess people love to have fun trying to figure out who is who, goodluck with that!

“I Shuffer” – the background of the phrase is so stupid (add nasty) that for the sake of my mum and future kids that may stumble on this blog, I cannot explain. If you do come across the phrase, just know that either chips or ketchup or both suffered greatly during that event or occurrence

The Dragon – Because Uyai is HOT…argue with your shadow

You may come across names like Crystal, Lam-Lam, Dez, Meenah, Trap, Onyi – these are complete nuisances that make my life as beautiful as it can get. As for names like Yeni and Ekammar, they are WITCHES, try to locate them at your own peril.

I guess we’re good now!

It’s a Wedding Party!

Hi there and welcome to the beginning of our journey together. Prepare yourself for the best wedding party ever. Bring your mints and dress your best, this is one wedding party you don’t want to miss!

Fun Secret: Chips & Ketchup fans know we lovee alcohol and this party will have loads of it! (Did we mention that there will be photographers to capture every moment – drunk or sober?)

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